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And people seem to like us.


Christine Mortensen
Director of Digital Media
Entrepreneurs Unpluggd

“You can immediately feel Siôn’s passion for helping people be their best at public speaking. He put on an excellent workshop for Entrepreneurs Unpluggd entitled “Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch.” Weeks later, I’m still getting positive feedback from attendees.”

Brent Williams
Program Manager
Startup Institute

“Siôn’s workshop was perfect to help prepare our students to give their personal pitches. We noticed a real difference in their confidence and ability to express their own personalities. Working with him was fun and easy – I cannot thank him enough!”

Tara Giuliano
CMO, Sikich
President, Chicago AMA

“Siôn is a presentation genius! Pitch Circus was pivotal to my success during one of the most important moments of my career. Siôn helped me organize my story, focus on my audience, and weave in humor, resulting in a very impactful presentation that won over the execs.”

Molly Haigh
Coleman Entrepreneurship Center
DePaul University

“The Pitch Circus workshop was great. Siôn tied in perfectly the materials we asked of students with tips for a powerful presentation. The exercises were fun and got his point across really well.”

Andrew Wenum

“Siôn’s a true professional, well-prepared and punctual, not to mention he knows what he’s talking about. His storytelling workshop, which he customized to fit our school’s needs, highly benefited our students in their portfolio development, self-confidence, and presentation abilities as they look for new design careers.”

Kevin Cook
Senior Equity Strategist
Zacks Investment Research

“Siôn, great event! You have a real passion and gift for guiding others on this path to presentation excellence. I’m looking forward to more events and opportunities with you!”
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