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I’m a Communication Consultant helping professionals and entrepreneurs build speaking confidence, spice up their message, and give great pitches that woo clients and win business.

And I work with some really cool organizations.

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5 thoughts that crush success

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One of my readers, Deborah Smith, recently sent me this great article by Miles Jennings of (thanks Deborah!). Many of the author’s comments are relevant to what I teach about achieving success with business communication, so I wanted to share the article with you. Give it a quick read, then check out my commentary below on each of the five points.
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How to sell without being too salesy

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Perhaps the biggest challenge for new entrepreneurs is selling. We’re smart and good at what we do, but most of us aren’t natural salespeople. In fact, we cringe when we think of the stereotypical brash salesman who’s patting the client on the back while sliding a fat contract in front of him on the table. We fear selling, because we fear coming off as too “salesy.”

But there’s no need to feel this way. Last week I wrote a guest post for Entrepreneurs Unpluggd entitled “How to Sell Without Being Too Salesy.”

Click here to read the article over at Entrepreneurs Unpluggd!

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